Beacon Finance

Why use Beacon?

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Regulator's approval

Beacon has been approved by Capital Market and Securities Authority of Tanzania (CMSA). View approval letter.

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Educate yourself

Within the financial fitness section within the app, you can learn about how the capital market works, value investing and speculation.

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Financial analysis

Beacon has a robust system to analysing the market; users can access fundamental and technical information of all listed companies and filter them on the financial screener.


News & Update

Get access to important news & update in the market together with a Sokoni Leo daily show, uploaded every evening, Monday to Friday.

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Financial Fitness

Learn the basics of capital market and stock market | Learn about value investing and investment strategies | Learn about speculation and how it can be applied

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Listed Companies

Access historical prices, market performance indicators and a robust candlestick chart for each company

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Technical & Fundamental Analysis

To all listed companies, access; Simple & Exponential Moving Averages and Profitability, Market Based, Efficiency and Leverage Ratios

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Technical & Fundamental Screener

Filter financial metrics of all listed companies in the Fundamental Screener and daily market performance indicators in the Technical Screener.

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Additional Features

Forum | Library | Watchlist

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